Collaboration and common sense for a carefree dining experience

The current period we are getting through in not easy at all. Many concerns arise from both travellers and tourist enterprises, and many are the rules and measures that sometimes may seem confusing. But the past months has taught us that, through collaboration and the use of common sense, we can cope even with the hardest of the event.
For this, reason, your cooperation is of vital importance to guarantee the safety of everybody. Just putting into practice the measure adopted so far, we can ensure you a pleasant and safety experience.
At the same way, we will make sure that, at any time, you are provided with all necessary tools and services to keep the environment safe.
Therefore, we invite you to take notice of our “action plan”.

  • It is recommended to book in advance in order to avoid risk of gathering at the entrance and to favour the exchange of personal details (name and phone number) remotely at the moment of the reservation.
  • Guests will agree whether should be required to monitor their temperature. Those with temperature higher than 37.5° will not be allowed to enter the restaurant
  • It is always good to keep in mind the safety distance of at least one metre from other guests and members of our team.
  • Masks have to be worn anytime the guest leaves the table.
  • Sanitisers will be placed in different spots inside the restaurant.
  • The common area will be sanitised daily and even more, whether necessary.
  • Clients will visualise the menu from their own device by scanning the plasticised qr code attached to each table. They will simply need to join our WIFI (no password required) and scan the qr code with their phone camera. Whether there should be any issue during the scanning process, the client could do it by using the app 'QR Code Scanner.'
  • Per visualizzare i menu, i clienti dovranno scannerizzare il codice a barra plastificato presente su ogni tavolo. Per far cio, bisognerà accedere alla nostra rete WIFI aperta a tutti (no password richiesta) e scannerizzare il codice a barre attraverso la propria telecamera o , in caso di problemi, attraverso l'applicazione 'QR Code Scanner'
  • Condiments such as oil, salt and pepper will not be on table, but they have to be asked to our stuff, who will clean them after every use.
  • Payment will be taken at the table with POS whether a credit card is used.

The “action plan” reported above is the result of the analysis of the safety modules published by Italian Istitutions like Fipe and INAIL. Our team at the Restaurant Al Dragone will do its best to facilitate as much as possible the adoption of these practices.

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