Restaurant Al Dragone:
the atmosphere of the natural cave in the historical centre of Vieste

Entering the natural cave of the Restaurant Al Dragone, it seems to dive into the past.
The intense colours of the living rocks, enhances by the smooth lighting, create an atmosphere of antiquity which confers relaxation. While the inviting smell coming from the kitchen brings in mind the flavours of the traditional cuisine.
For the lovers of good cuisine and those seeking for a romantic atmosphere, you cannot miss the experience in one of the most affirmed restaurants in Vieste to make your vacation even more memorable.

The history before the restaurant

During the first half of the century, the cave was hosting a numerous family for whom the humble shelter was not only home, but also a stable paramour for their self-reliance.
The cave was then acquired by Angelantonio in the ’60, who turned it into a cellar where to store the wine he was producing.
Finally, in the 1989, Pasquale, passionated restaurateur, had the farsighted idea to make one of the most recognised restaurant in the Gargano out of this enchanting location.

The Flambé and the Fire-Breathing:
the gourmet cuisine of the dragone

The flames of the Dragone which animate our kitchen can be seen also in the hall of the restaurant where everyday the director Pasquale engages in the preparation of flambé dishes, our specialty, to give emotion not just for the palate but also for the sight.
Our flambé cuisine as well as the name ‘al dragone’, are inspired by the Vieste’s legend of the dragon and Saint George, patron of the town who, according to the story, defeated the fire-breathing mythological animal inside a natural cave underneath the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, a location that matches exactly with the position of the cave which nowadays hosts the restaurant.

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