Ristorante Al Dragone

Maintaining an equilibrium between tradition and innovation when it comes to create new meals it is our first priority.

With more than150 wines coming from all over the world and the help of our expert sommelier, the perfect peering is assured. 

From the jams to the chocolate toppings, every single ingredients used to make our dessert is produced inside our kitchen. 

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This restaurant is located is the historical center not far from the old city gate. We had booked a table. The main street level dining room seemed full, and we were escorted to the underground dining cave that contained about four tables. (No mobile telephone reception down there.) From A to Z our meals were delicious. The staff was friendly. The price may have been slightly higher than elsewhere in Vieste, but the food and the experiencw were worth it.
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Lovely interior with brilliant service. Their selection of wines is incredible. The food was really tasty. They cater for most dietary allergies.
Alina Mustafina
Alina Mustafina@username
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A unique dining experience in a medieval cave! We would categorize it more as fine dining. The dishes were rather small portions but everything tasted wonderful and fresh. The servers were very personable and attentive. The semi-freddo desert was magical. We highly recommend it!
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Great tasting food, very professional service, overall great choice. Lovely atmosphere, would recommend.
Tracey Carr
Tracey Carr@username
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Lovely food a good night give it a try you won't be disappointed tc

Covid Precautions 


Follow all advice given by our sommelier on our Instagram page.

Phone: 0884 701212/0884 706714

Mobile: 3405505188/335 6870741

Email: info@bbdimoradedragone.it