The philosophy of our cuisine

Respect for the pugliese tradition, seasonality of ingredients and innovation. These are the three pillars of our philosophy which guide our young and talented chef Alessandro and Francesco in the process of creation of amazing recipes that enhance and give value to the products of this land.
  • Triglia 14

    Mullet fish, mushroom and truffle cream, seared cardoncello, black garlic and mullet reduction with saffron essence

  • Baccalà 15

    Codfish in cooking oil, pumpkin cream, puffed scales, sweet-and-sour shallot and rosemary

  • Polpo d'Autunno 15

    Seared octopus glazed with beer, chickpeas quenelle, onion fondue and cauliflower

  • Tartara di Tonno 12

    Tuna tartar, liquid endive, crunchy hazelnuts and burrata cream

  • Crudo e Sashimi 25

    Raw fish - oysters, prawns, shrimps, marinated tuna and mullet sashimi (according to the availability on the territory)

  • Melanzana 11

    CBT eggplant glazed in sauce made out of its own peel, basil essence,
    tomato powder and cacioricotta (VEG.)

  • Il Pancotto 10

    Pancotto of the tradition, egg pochée and canestrato cheese (VEG.)

  • Capocollo di Martina Franca 11

    Cold dry-cut pork from Martina Franca with stracciatella mousse and venere rise chips

  • Lemon Sorbet with Basil 6
  • Tortino 7

    "Gold bread and chocolate" cupcake on orange anglaise crème and vanilla EVO

  • Semifreddo del Dragone 7

    Semifreddo with caramelised almonds and chocolate sauce

  • Cannolo 8

    Cannoli with ricotta cream and toasted pistachio and orange marmalade

  • Sablè 8

    Chocolate sablè, white chocolate and pistachio cream, pomegranate sauce and frozen raspberry

  • Crêpes Suzette (min. 2 persons) - verify availability 15pp

    Crêpes Suzette with ice-cream and crumbled almonds flambéed with Grand Marnier

  • Piccola Pasticceria 'Al Dragone' 6

    Traditional home-made biscuits

  • Formaggi Misti 15

    Assortment of traditional cheese from the Gargano with orange marmalade

Tasting Menu

*The price for the tasting menu is 65 € per person excluding beverage
  • Still Water 3
  • Sparkling Water 3
  • Tonic Water 4
  • Coca Cola 4
  • Fanta 4
  • Cover 3

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